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Landscape Design Ideas

Imagine being able to see your new landscape design BEFORE we ever begin your job.  Well now you can!  We use computer software to show you various layout options for your new landscape design.

This software allows us to overlay graphics using a real picture of your current landscape.

We are then able to render various different landscaping options for you, so you can choose the design that suits you best.

While these renderings may not be a Hollywood level production, they give you a great little preview as to what your new landscape will look like and aid us greatly in coming up with a new landscape design.

Below are some examples showing a before picture, the accepted rendering of our concept, then the after picture and soon as all landscaping has been completed.

At Harbor Greenscapes, we will exceed your expectations with the process of redesigning your landscape.

Give us a call today to schedule your consultation.  You’ll be glad you did!

This customer had a tired lawn and was always dealing with his septic lids.  It’s a very common problem.  He also wanted to have some sort of path from his driveway to the back stairs.  By making the lawn smaller, we were able to hide the lids in the new bed areas and mark them with rocks for easy access later.  Also, as you can tell from the design, we decided to go with Flagstone steppers instead of a gravel path.

This was a change we made on the fly while we were doing the demolition.  Being flexible is very important to us.

These folks have a very steep driveway that got slick with the rain.

Their mail box is at the bottom of the drive.

We came up with a simple solution of using Cut Stone Risers as the treads and built a bed around them for easy maintenance. They also had drainage issues in the back that we dealt with. We installed a french drain along a patio and removed a small soggy area of lawn and turned it into a bed with a stepper path through it. Problem solved!

This is an example of a small back yard put in by a builder.

Together with the customer we came up with a simple design to expand their patio, cut down on the size of the lawn and add some texture with some plantings.

We added to and amended the existing irrigation to accommodate the new design. We also installed a custom railing. As you can tell from the difference in the design to the finished product, we cut down on the number of plants and we got smaller pot sizes to help keep costs down. One of the many ways to get what you want at a lower initial cost.

Another example of a small neighborhood back yard that was a blank canvas.

It started with a consultation, we came up with a design, we got the price just right and 2 days later, this is the result.

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