Sprinkler System Installations

Sprinkler Design

A properly designed sprinkler system will provide years of use with very little maintenance.  Having adequate coverage, without over or under watering, starts with a proper sprinkler system design.

We know that lawns and beds have different watering requirements and so, should be on different watering zones. We also take into account, sun and shade differences within each zone.  We can make sure, with proper design, that your yard is properly watered.

Drip irrigation systems

Sometimes the best solution for watering is going to be a drip irrigation system.

We can install new zones to be drip only zones and we can convert most spray head zones into drip.  With a drip system you save on water and water only the plants you want to water.  No more watering the weeds.  We can also set it up to water your pots on the deck or patio as well as the hanging pots you may have. Whatever the situation, we can design and install a drip irrigation system that fits your needs.

Sprinkler Installation

For a long lasting and efficient sprinkler system, you not only need a good sprinkler design, you need knowledgeable installers.  We have been installing and maintaining sprinkler systems in Gig Harbor for over 15 years.  We use contractor grade Rainbird or Hunter equipment and only use schedule 40 PVC pipe for all phases of installation.  We found that using the thinner walled, Schedule 200 pipe (industry standard)  for the secondary runs, is not a good thing to do.  It is so weak that it will break underground, due to roots or settling, long before schedule 40 will under the same circumstances.  Most of the repairs we have done on old systems that were leaking, have had something to do with weak schedule 200 pvc.

Sprinkler Maintenance

We offer a Startup Service in the spring and a Winterization Service in the Fall.

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Why would I want a Startup?

During the winter and early spring, the heads can sometimes get buried or lost under the lawn and have to be dug out. Sometimes critters will find the timer wires and chew through them, making the valve not work.  We will run through each zone on the timer, find each head, adjust it and make sure it is in good working order.  If there are any issues, we flag them then come up with a cost for repairing them, if needed.

Sprinkler Winterizations

Winterizations are a hedge against a harsh winter.  A deep freeze can crack pipes or heads that still have water in them.  When we winterize, we turn off the main water to the system and blow compressed air through each zone, which gets rid of most of the water.

Sprinkler System Trouble shooting

Can’t get a zone to work?  Is there a head that constantly weeps?  Is there a dry spot or an area that seems damp all the time?  These are issues we deal with all the time.  If there is any issue with your sprinkler system, we can fix it.

Sprinkler System Repairs

If you have any kind of sprinkler system issue, or an issue with your timer, give us a call, text or email and we can schedule a time to take a look. (usually within 24-48 hrs)  We can then determine what needs to be done, when it can be done and how much it will cost.

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