Landscape Lighting Services

At Harbor Greenscapes, we not only install lighting, we can convert most halogen fixtures to the new LED bulb, saving a lot on your electric bill.

We also do repairs, additions and trouble shooting.  If there is any issue with your Landscape lighting system, Harbor Greenscapes has the solution.

Harbor Greenscapes offers a full line of high quality, commercial grade lighting fixtures.  We only use 12 gauge wire and the best commercial transformers.  Our installation techniques insure that the system will be trouble free for years to come.

This is a typical example of brass and copper lights.  One is a path light the other is an ‘up’ light, used to illuminate a tree or a piece of yard art.

This was a dark and slippery concrete sidewalk.  We removed the concrete and made a natural looking path with flagstone and large stone treads.  The new copper lighting illuminates the path with the help of a light sensor connected to the transformer.

Problem solved!

These folks wanted something different.  So, we installed some recessed lighting right into the pavers.  The lights put out a soft glow and mark each set of stone steps.

This is a typical use of path lights to mark out a very dark driveway.  We eventually installed beds along the fence that reached each light.

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