Fencing & Arbor (Design & Installation)

This is a standard 5’ simple cedar fence.  We built this to replace the 30 year old fence.  We built it exactly like the old fence as per the customer.  We also installed the lighting.

This is a treated wood framed wire fence.

This is a Cedar Framed Wire Fence with a top cap.  It’s a very sturdy look without blocking out too much of the landscaping, or making the customer feel isolated.

This is the same concept, but used to help keep the deer out a vegetable garden.

This is a custom designed wood framed wire fence.  We used a smaller gap between posts and square grid wire to come up with a look that the customer desired.

This is ranch style pasture fence made with peeler poles and non-climb fencing.

Solid Cedar fence, deck, planter and trellis.  Custom fit between the house and garage.  Perfect for small spaces.

This customer cut a picture out of a magazine and told me, “This is what I want”.  This is what she got.  She loved the way it turned out.

Arbor’s make great entry ways, to and from the garden.

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