Landscape Designs by Harbor Greenscapes

Turf Dog Run


Turf by a Pool


Treads Cut Into Wall

Stone Steps

Slab Sidewalk

Naturally Split Risers

Cut Stone

Coping and Steps

New Paver Patio

Slab Patio

Fire Pit – Gas

Fire Pit

Fire Pit – Wood


Small Driveway Retaining Wall

Retaining Wall With Wood Steps

Bi Level Retaining Wall

Retaining Wall With Various Stones

S Curve Retaining Wall

Multi Level Retaining Walls

Paver Stone Retaining Wall

Retaining Wall With Built In Steps

Retaining Wall With Wood Stairs

Stone Steps

Stone Steppers

Stone Risers

Rock Steps

New Stairs

Cut Stone Steps

Celtic Walkway And Stairs

Stone Wall And Stairs

Stone Firepit

Paver Stone Patio

Elevated Deck

Decorative Patio

Cedar Deck and Fence

Beautiful Deck

Stone Walkway

Arched Patio

Walkway Lighting

Concrete Lighting Flush Mounted

Lighting On Stairs

Flush Mounted Outdoor Lighting

Solar Powered Lighting For Landscaping

Landscape Lighting

Lighting At The Top Of Stairs

Outdoor Patio Lighting

Raised Garden Bed

Multi Level Garden Bed

Garden Bed

Garden Bed With Plants

Garden Bed On A Deck

Garden Bed Under Construction

Fenced In Garden Bed

Triangle Garden Bed

Gate With Awning

Cedar Fence

Deck With Fence

Decorative Latice

Decorative Wood Fence

Dog Run Fence

Fence With Gate

Fence Along Driveway

Concrete Stairs With Connecting Patio

Concrete Wheelchair Ramp

Concrete Stairs

Concrete Front Porch

Concrete Wave Breaker

Concrete Walkway

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